About the Artist

Kali Wallner was born in 1997 and was raised in Forest Grove, Oregon. She attended the Art institute of Portland directly after high school to pursue a commercial photography field. While she took classes, Kali built up a studio lighting practice which is based around editorial, fashion, and food photography. She also was able to photograph for the Slip Magazine Club during her attendance which included helping style shoots, collaborating with other majors to create a cohesive and unified idea, and building a seasonal magazine for two years. 

After the unfortunate closing of the Art Institute in 2018, Kali transferred to Pacific Northwest College of Arts where she now still attends, but is more focused on expanding her fine art and personal practice. She was introduced to the cyanotype process which is a very hands on, camera-less process, and is based around documenting natural foliage and plants. Kali’s most recent endeavor was creating a book made out of hand made paper, that focuses around the conversation that we should be having with nature during these times where we are surrounded by climate change and climate injustice. 


Curriculum Vitae 


Kali Wallner

Portland Based


Instagram: kalidascope_photo

Etsy: EarthlyBluesByKali



2021            Pacific Northwest College of Art 

                    (Expected graduation:2021)

2018            The Art institute of Portland



2019-21       Pell Grant 



2020             Photography Hall at PNCA 



2016-18       Slip Magazine 



2016-18        Assisted Erica J. Mitchell Photography 

2017             Thimble and axe product photography 

2017             Mentored a senior project